Project Business Automation

Integrate your project business in one system

You do Project Business

If you have projects with defined budgets, you run project business.

These projects can be for external customers, such as:

  • Architecture, engineering and construction
  • ETO, project/contract manufacturing
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Energy and utility development
  • Biotech and pharmaceutical development
  • Environmental services
  • Professional services and consulting

Or, these projects can be for internal purposes, as in capital projects, which may include:

  • Biotech and pharmaceutical development
  • Retail build-out projects
  • New manufacturing facility design and construction
  • New product development
If projects are important to your business, PBA is for you.

The Problem: The Missing Project Business Piece

When your business is project oriented, your processes and systems should be centered around that. Only with a project-centric approach can you create the most effective framework for success.

Most projects are missing this focus on project business. You won’t fully succeed until you reclaim this focus set your company on this path.

ERPs Are Not Built for Project Business

Projects are an important part of your business but an after-thought of your business system. Project businesses typically employ an ERP to manage key parts of their business. However, the core project components are managed outside the ERP and cut off from the rest of the business processes.

> This fuels delays and errors

Instead of an integrated and efficient business environment, you end up with a disjointed landscape that fuels delays and errors. This lack of project business focus manifests in many ways. Learn more about typical project business problems that you may be facing as well.

Project Schedule Management

Plan and manage your project schedule to optimize delivery

Integrate Project Scheduling into Your Business System

Project driven companies spend too much time translating, consolidating, and validating data from the myriad of point solutions they employ to manage their project operations. The solution is to manage your project schedule inside your business system.

Project Business Execution

Your project schedule is about project execution. Your ERP is about business execution. You must combine them to optimize your project-based business execution.

Create the optimal project schedule right from the start

The PBA Project Modeler™ offers a superior planning experience compared to Oracle P6, Microsoft Project, spreadsheets and other planning tools.

With the Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd Project Modeler your project plans are created faster and with more accuracy than ever before. Gain speed and control. Enhance your sales process by creating the best operational plan from the start.

  • Project schedules are constructed through task models that incorporate enterprise best practices
  • Enable project managers and planners to quickly generate project schedules you are confident to keep

Project Cost Management

Track and manage all your project costs automatically

Govern All Project Costs Together

There are two basic types of costs in every project.

Direct Costs

Direct costs are the materials, space or subcontractors used for a project and have an explicit cost you can allocate to the project.


In the form of labor, machinery or other resources, the main factor used in calculating the cost is time.

Many treat these costs differently simply because they may be tracked or managed in different systems. You need to bring all these together, so you get a holistic view of your entire project costs. From there you can manage the financial aspects of your projects more effectively.

Consistent Estimate-at-Completion Calculations

Estimate-at-completion (EAC) is critically important to effective project cost management.

Typically, most create a project budget and then track actuals as the project progress. However, they do not consistently compute EAC and Cost-to Complete (CTC). While comparing BAC to actuals will give you variance from the original budget, you will not be able to reassess how the project is actually expected to finish.

By periodically evaluating CTC and EAC, controllers can predict and record variances before they materialize and in time to take corrective action. It is also crucial in spotting trends and making mid-project corrections.

Project Monitoring and Control

Monitor and control your project work in real-time to reduce costs and lower risk

Project Autopilot from Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd Delivers 24/7 Monitoring and Control

As part of Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd Project Business Automation, Project Autopilot monitors all your projects in real-time and automatically notifies you if anything is out of the norm.

The Quick Guide to Project Business Automation

A high-level guide to the business system for project-driven organizations

This Quick Guide to Project Business Automation will help you understand PBA and how it applies to your business. What you will learn:

  • What is Project Business Automation?
  • Who is PBA for?
  • What problem does PBA solve and why is it needed?
  • What are the core elements of PBA?
  • What are the key benefits of PBA?

If a crucial part of your business is about running projects successfully, you need this guide.

Project Risk Management

Minimize and prevent issues that put your projects at risk

Key Project Risk Management Capabilities You Need

Monitor financial and operational data in real time 24/7.

Gather and organize your project data so you can analyze it for risk in real-time. Always understand your cost and scheduling KPIs and where your project stands.

Automatically analyze your project data so you don’t have to sift through it.

Beyond manual gateway reviews, systemize the analysis of your projects. Measure performance in real-time against critical thresholds you determine.

Automatically warn the right people when things are not acceptable.

Present actionable intelligence to the right people the instant a problem occurs. You can pinpoint the issue quickly and resolve it before it becomes a major problem.

Project Autopilot from Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd Delivers 24/7 Risk Oversight

As part of Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd Project Business Automation, Project Autopilot monitors all your projects in real-time and automatically notifies you if anything is out of the norm.

Project Estimation

Enhance your project sales process with streamlined estimating and planning

Sell more. Sell faster. Deliver.

The right approach to project estimating and planning will optimize your project sales process.

  • Increase sales capacity by delivering detailed project plans faster
  • Accelerate sales by getting the plan right the first time
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering on your promises

Project Cost Estimation and Scheduling Cornerstones

To achieve the project sales capabilities above key elements are required.


Your sales estimating process needs to be standardized around best practices. Every project is unique, but you have standard ways to develop those projects. Everyone should do it the best way, every time.

Integrate Project Financials and Operations

Project schedules and estimates are inextricably linked. Once you create the plan, the cost and pricing automatically follow. You should know exactly the cost for every workflow item in the schedule automatically.

Systemize Project Estimations

Capture your planning and estimating best practices and apply them across the organization. Scale and automate best practices through a system built for project business.

Earned Value Management

Earned value management that is easy, integrated, and automatic.

Make Earned Value Easy

Most companies find gathering the required data and calculating earned value on their projects difficult. It should be easy and automatic, an integrated way in which you manage your business.

Systemize Your Earned Value Management

Earned Value Analysis (EVA) is difficult if you are trying to manually gather data form multiple disparate systems in Excel to do it.

The solution is to create a system that brings all the data together seamless and automatically calculates your EVA in real-time.

Earned Value Fundamental Insight

The point of Earned Value Management is to answer three basic questions.

Where have you been? > Where are you now? > Where are you going?

To answer these questions, you need these earned value fundamentals easily and consistently calculated.
Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd provides these insights automatically as part of Softnext Solutions Pvt Ltd PBA.

Project Accounting

Recognize revenue accurately and streamline your month-end process

Key Project Accounting Capabilities

Multiple Revenue Recognition Principles

Your projects may require different types of billing and earning principles. You need support for time and material, fixed price, or installments based on milestones or percent complete.

Month-End Support

The period close framework allows companies to setup mandatory risk reviews and checklists to complete before a project is closed off for the month. This enables you to apply a standardized and consistent month-end process across the enterprise yielding comparable and trustworthy accounting KPIs.

Streamline Your Project Accounting with PBA Project Financials

Eliminate the need for spreadsheets and standalone project accounting software to financially manage your portfolio of projects.

  • Align your financials with your operations in real time, so your financial reports always reflect the current operational plan
  • Leverage the WBS to feed your CBS with the most accurate cost estimates from the updated timeline
  • Automate the change order process to eliminate manual workloads
  • Evaluate cost to complete with real-time work estimates from the schedule
  • Report on the financial impact of schedule changes immediately

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