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Below are some of the most common project business challenges that our customers come to us to solve. Many might also apply to your business. Find out how we address them below.

"We use lots of different applications and systems that are not connected."

Do the silos of different tools and systems look familiar? This situation is typical for most project businesses. Over the years you identify certain functional gaps and buy or build applications to fill those gaps. Eventually, you find yourself with 5, 10, 15 or more applications to support your project business processes. You spend too much time re-entering data in multiple systems. The chaos and lack of knowledge that follows from this process can cripple the business.


Systemize your core project business processes first.

The solution is to approach it differently. Instead of gap filling, look to support your core business processes first, which is projects. Find a system that does that comprehensively. That is why we built Project Business Automation.


"My ERP does not support our project-based processes."

ERPs are financial systems originally built for discrete manufacturers and distribution companies. Projects are an after-thought for most ERP vendors.


You need an ERP-integrated solution.

Bring project operations and financials into your ERP and create a single system that supports your entire business from end-to-end. That is exactly what PBA is designed to do.


"We use spreadsheets everywhere in our processes."

You use spreadsheets because you don’t have your data in one place and/or you don’t have a system that can help you analyze it. Therefore, you consolidate the data in Excel and run reports manually to get at the information you need to understand what is going on.

This is the result of disconnected business systems.


You need an integrated project business system.

Integrate your project business processes into one business system to eliminate spreadsheets and gain real-time insight and complete control of your projects. That is what PBA does.


"Our project estimates are not accurate, consistent, or timely."

Your quotes don’t represent what is actually required for a project. As a result, you lose deals when you over-estimate and lose money when you under-estimate. When a project gets to execution, you find yourself attempting to renegotiate with your customer and add change orders, when you should have had it right form the start.


You need a systemized way to produce project proposals that reflect how the project will actually go.

Enhance your sales process by streamlining your estimating and planning while ensuring best practices are followed by everyone.


"We don't have a good way to track costs once the project starts."

You cannot track the costs of operations because they are not directly tied to your financial system. Therefore, it takes time for someone to report the status of all the tasks in a project and then to associate the appropriate costs to those tasks.


You need integrated project cost management.

You need a single system that integrates the operations and financials, so they work together seamlessly. As tasks are completed, costs are reported instantly.


"I don’t really know if a project is profitable or on budget until it finishes."

This lack of insight occurs because you don’t have a formalized process for reforecasting your projects. Your financials and operations are managed in different systems and therefore, you have no way of knowing if the project is running on budget until all the costs are transferred and tallied in the financial system/ERP or, more likely, spreadsheets.


You need an automated way to do estimate-at-completion (EAC), so you consistently reevaluate your projects as they progress.

For this you need a single system that integrates the operations and financials, so they work together seamlessly and in real-time.


"We don’t have a single source of truth that everyone trusts."

You don’t know the real-time status of your projects. This stems from the use disparate systems and lack of integration. As a result, you don’t have an agreed upon source for unbiased, objective information about your projects and business.

How do you create that single source of truth?


Integrate into one business system designed for project business.

Not only does it provide that single source of truth because everything goes through one system, but it also provides that truth in real–time.

"I only find out about issues after they cause major problems."

Most project issues are not discovered until after they cause major problems with a project that result in either a delay or significant added costs. This challenge stems from the fact that information does not flow between your disparate systems and applications. Often, the left hand does not know what the right is doing. Once you find out about a problem, it is often too late to fix it.


Your project risk management should provide early detection of issues before they become big problems.

You need a systematic way to constantly monitor every aspect of every project and automatically notify the right people if there are problems.

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